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5 Star Full Service Moving - AKA Moving

5 star Full-Service Mover

For your utmost convenience, we are a 5 star full-service. You might greatly appreciate these services and realize how simple it can be with AKA Moving! We are a local mover and long distance mover providing at all times full-service moving.

You have the flexibility to choose the services that best suit your needs! At AKA Moving, we’re here to provide you with a personalized moving experience tailored to your preferences.



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Packing and Unpacking Services :

You have the flexibility to choose the services that best suit your needs – whether it’s packing services, unpacking services, or both.

Let us handle the time-consuming task of packing your belongings with care and expertise. Our professional team will ensure that your items are securely packed, labeled, and organized for a smooth transition to your new home.

With our unpacking services, we’ll help you settle in quickly by unpacking and arranging your belongings, allowing you to relax and enjoy your new space.

Disassembly and assembly services :

You have the flexibility to choose the services that best suit your needs – whether it’s disassembly services, assembly services, or both.

Our skilled team is here to take care of the disassembly and assembly of your furniture and other items, including TV installation, hanging family portraits or art on the wall and more.

We’ll ensure that your items are carefully disassembled, securely packed, and then reassembled with our tools in your new home, saving you time and effort. Trust us to handle the intricate task of disassembly and assembly, so you can focus on settling into your new space.

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Storage (No moving required to benefit from this service!) :

Our indoor storage facility with around the clock 24/7 surveillance is available for you to take advantage of at great prices. If you need a storage unit, call us up today to inquire. You could be doing a residential move or not, the storage service if for any type of situation your might need it for.

Home delivery! – we bring it straight to your home and more (No moving required to benefit from this service!)

We offer home delivery of large items (E.g., new appliances, kitchen cabinets, bike, pool table, piano, jacuzzi,etc) or delicate items (e.g., electronics, lamps, etc) whether they were purchased online or in-store.

Additionally, if you made a purchase on Kijiji or Facebook Marketplace, we can also take care of it – as simple as that. If you have a last minute delivery, call us!

If a store does not provide delivery, call us for great affordable rates!

Whether you’re moving to a new home or not, we do on-time deliveries, stress-free with GPS tracking and email notification.