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Best Cheap Long Distance Moving company: Your Ultimate Guide

Moving long-distance can be a challenging and costly experience. Finding an affordable moving solution that ensures the safety of your belongings can be a difficult task. However, with the right guidance and research, you can make the best decision which will be most cost-efficient without compromising on quality. This is what this article is intended to teach you. Factors such as distance, weight, and size of your goods determine the cost of long-distance moving. While hiring a professional moving company might seem expensive, Using a moving company that specializes in Long distance Moving with all its Logistics channels can greatly reduce the cost of the move. Sometimes larger scale companies can be more expensive but finding a medium size business that is customer centric is less stressful and more economical. When Choosing an affordable moving company, make sure to compare quotes from different companies and read their reviews carefully. At AKA Moving we strongly encourage you to look at other companies because we believe our prices to be the best prices for shipping your goods Fast, safely and efficiently.

Long Distance Moving Scams

Of course AKA Moving can’t Beat every single quote as they are a lot of providers in which scam the client out of thousands of dollars. This works in the fine print. At AKA Moving we believe we can get your move from Montreal to Vancouver in under a week. Some companies say two weeks and end up being 2 months with some pieces never making it. These moving companies say they have insurance but the insurance is at 0.60 Per LBS with a deductible of $350.00 or more. At $0.60 cents a LBS that is about 583lbs of damaged belongings before you even acquire the 0.60 cents per LBS for your move. A standard flat screen TV weights about 75- 100 LBS so at 583lbs of damage could be a very costly move much more then if you would have paid a bit more for a reputable moving company. in conclusion reviews are very important to knowing if you are using the right moving company or not.

Breaking down costs

Breaking down the costs associated with hiring a moving company can help you better understand where your money is going. This includes packing materials, transportation costs, labor fees, insurance charges, and additional services offered by the company. Try to negotiate price and see other methods of transporting your goods in order to save money. Sometimes removing some items and selling it on Facebook Marketplace can be all you need to save thousands of dollars depending on how it can be shipped. This is why talking to a representative at AKA Moving and breaking down the costs can be so effective because who knows. Maybe you can get brand new furniture for the same cost as moving your old furniture.

Understanding the Basics of Long-Distance Moving

When it comes to long-distance moving, it’s important to consider hiring professional movers for a stress-free experience. At AKA Moving, we can determine the best way to transport your belongings through our multiple logistics routes across Canada and the USA. From picking up your household goods to transporting them and delivering them to your new location, we will efficiently plan your long-distance move. Our outstanding customer service reputation, along with affordable pricing and discounts like military discounts, make us the cheapest way to move long distance. Whether you’re moving from Montreal to Toronto, Montreal to Boston or even from Montreal to Australia. Our professional movers in long-distance relocation ensure that your move is smooth and hassle-free. With AKA Moving, you can trust us to handle your large pieces of furniture and ensure that everything arrives safely at your new address. So, leave the stress of long-distance moving to us and enjoy the convenience and peace of mind that our services provide.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Long-Distance Moving

Factors that can influence the cost of a long-distance move include the distance of the move, the amount of belongings being transported, and any additional services required such as packing services.. Long-distance prices can vary based on the mileage between locations, from cheaper moves starting from Montreal to Toronto and more expensive ones across country from Montreal to Vancouver will incur different costs.

Long Distance Moving Reputation

Finding a cheap long distance moving company with a good reputation can be difficult to find. Which is why we suggest a medium size business that is experienced in logistics like AKA Moving. What should you look for in a cheap moving company? You should look for in a cheap moving company a company that is capable of:

  1. Outstanding customer service
  2. Great reputation
  3. Multiple methods to transport your belongings
  4. Capable of full service moving
  5. Packing and storage

A company capable of achieving this should easily be able to move your belongings.

The Art of Choosing a Cheap long distance moving company

When embarking on the quest for an economical long-distance moving company, consider taking a unique approach that goes beyond the typical checklist of comparing prices and scrutinizing reviews. Here’s a fresh perspective that AKA Moving does.

  1. Personalized Consultations: Reach out to prospective moving companies and request a personalized consultation. This will not only allow you to gauge their responsiveness but also provide an opportunity to ask tailored questions about your specific needs. A company willing to invest time in understanding your requirements may be more inclined to offer cost-effective solutions.
  2. Customized Services: Inquire about the possibility of customized services that align precisely with your relocation needs. Rather than opting for a standard package, tailor the services to your preferences. This way, you can potentially save by excluding services you don’t require.
  3. Eco-Friendly Options: Consider environmentally conscious moving companies. Some companies now offer eco-friendly packing materials, energy-efficient transportation options, and sustainable practices. While this might not always translate directly to cost savings, it can align with your values and potentially contribute to a greener move.
  4. Flexible Scheduling: Explore the flexibility of your moving dates. Sometimes, choosing off-peak days or seasons can result in lower prices. Discuss with the moving company if they have any flexibility in scheduling, and if so, whether it can translate into cost savings.
  5. Group Moves: If you’re moving as part of a larger group, such as a corporate relocation or a group of friends sharing a move, check if the moving company offers group rates. Group moves can often be more cost-effective when the expenses are shared among several parties.
  6. Negotiate Wisely: Don’t hesitate to negotiate. While it might feel uncomfortable, many moving companies are open to negotiating prices, especially if you’re willing to commit early or refer their services to others.
  7. Hidden Gem Companies: Look beyond the big-name moving companies. Sometimes, smaller or lesser-known companies may offer competitive rates to attract customers like AKA!
  8. Streamlined Packing: Consider packing some of your belongings yourself to save on packing services. However, ensure you pack securely to avoid damage during transit.

By exploring these alternative strategies, you can uncover hidden gems like us to find your cheap long distance movers.

Why AKA is defined as Cheap long distance movers in Canada

“Cheap long distance movers” refers to moving companies that have done many long distance moves that they are now capable of providing cost-effective services for long-distance relocations. These movers have garnered a reputation from the high amount of moves they have done that they are experienced enough to provide affordability and knowledge to help individuals and families move their belongings across substantial distances at the best possible price. Such as between states or across Canada like Vancouver.

Different pricing based upon how your belongings are moved to your new home

Shipping your household items across Canada or into the USA offers various cost-effective options in order to find the cheapest way and best way. How much do long distance movers cost? The cost of long-distance movers can vary based upon multiple factors such as the method of transportation, timing, distance, and seasonal considerations. These variables collectively determine the final price of your move.

Moving Container Shipping:

Container shipping is a highly adaptable and cost-efficient method for transporting your household belongings over long distances, such as across Canada or into the USA. Here’s a more detailed breakdown of how it works:

  1. Moving Container Selection: You have the choice of selecting a container size that best suits your needs. These containers come in various sizes, typically ranging from 20 to 40 feet in length. Choosing the right size ensures you only pay for the space you require, preventing unnecessary costs.
  2. Packing Your Belongings: Once you’ve selected a container, you’ll be responsible for packing your belongings. This gives you control over how your items are packed and organized, allowing you to maximize space efficiently. You can use your own packing materials or hire professional packers if needed.
  3. Loading the Container: After packing, you load your items into the container. This step provides flexibility in terms of timing and pace, as you can load your belongings over several days or weeks, depending on your schedule and readiness.
  4. Transportation: Once your container is loaded and sealed, it’s ready for transportation. A transportation company will pick up the container and transport it to your desired destination. This often involves the use of trucks or other suitable vehicles for land-based travel.
  5. Delivery and Unloading: Upon arrival at your destination, the container will be delivered to your new address or a designated storage facility. You’ll then have the freedom to unload your items at your own pace, ensuring a stress-free and convenient experience.
  6. Cost Savings: The beauty of container shipping lies in its cost-effectiveness. You pay based on the container size you use, which eliminates unnecessary expenses. It’s particularly advantageous for individuals with medium to large household sizes or those who want to transport vehicles or oversized items.
  7. Flexibility: Container shipping provides flexibility in terms of the items being transported. It allows movers to pack the container with the knowledge that all the oversized items will be safely brought to your destination.

LTL (Less-Than-Truckload) Shipping:

AKA specializes in LTL shipping, making it the budget-friendly option for individuals that is as competitive or more with international van lines with smaller moves or those seeking a cost-effective solution for their relocation needs. Here’s an in-depth explanation of how LTL shipping works and its advantages:

  1. Smaller Moves: LTL shipping is an excellent choice for individuals or families who are relocating with a modest amount of household goods. It’s ideal for moves that don’t require the space of a dedicated truck or container, which would be overkill for smaller loads and make it to expensive.
  2. Cost Efficiency: One of the most significant benefits of LTL shipping is cost savings. Instead of paying for an entire truck or moving container, you only pay for the portion of space your items occupy within the shared truck. This cost-sharing model is a value flex option that makes it an economical choice for those on a budget.
  3. Space Sharing: In LTL shipping, your household goods share space within the same truck with items from other shippers. Freight carriers such as AKA carefully optimize the cargo in the truck to maximize efficiency. This shared space concept helps reduce transportation costs, making it an environmentally friendly choice as well.
  4. Versatility: LTL shipping is highly versatile. You can use it for various types of items, including furniture, electronics, appliances, and boxed goods. Whether you’re moving a few pieces of furniture or a collection of smaller items, LTL can accommodate your needs.
  5. Freight Class and Weight: LTL shipping rates are often determined by factors like the freight class and the total weight of your shipment. Freight class categorizes items based on density, value, and handling requirements, which helps determine the shipping cost. Understanding and accurately classifying your items is crucial for estimating costs. We have Furniture cost Estimation calculation
  6. household goods tor designed to be able to know the total SQFT and LBS of your household items.
  7. Pickup and Delivery: AKA Moving provides pickup services from your current location and delivery to your new destination. This eliminates the need for you to transport your items to a terminal, offering convenience and reducing your workload.
  8. Transit Time: While LTL shipping is generally efficient, it may have longer delivery windows compared to other shipping services which can give exact date. This is due to the logistics of being able to efficiently move many customers in one container within the same time frame.
  9. Packaging Requirements: Proper packaging is essential in LTL shipping to ensure the safety of your items during transit. You’ll need to securely package and label your items because things can get misplaced and at AKA Moving we do not want that. Our guidelines and knowledge can make sure this doesn’t happen and is the difference between us and cheaper moving companies that we detailed in scams.

Expedited Shipping:

AKA moving offers expedited Shipping when time is your most valuable asset, demanding rapid delivery of your possessions to their destination. Designed for those facing tight schedules, immediate needs, or critical deadlines, this service ensures swift transportation. However it also is more expensive but AKA Moving is very efficient so we do not increase prices due to our expertise and logistic network we have.

  1. Dedicated Resources: Expedited shipments have specialized handling, prioritized loading, and minimal layover times, ensuring your household goods are swiftly on the move. AKA Moving provides very fast layover times.
  2. Accelerated Processing: AKA Moving has 24 hour moving services which can pickup your household items and prepare them immediately to be expedited for reduced wait times and processing. This ensures your shipment is constantly in motion toward its destination.
  3. Meticulous Tracking: Tracking and monitoring are meticulous, with real-time updates on the whereabouts and status of your items. This transparency is crucial for ensuring timely delivery.
  4. Customized Timelines: Expedited shipping allows you to set specific delivery timelines, meeting your exact needs. Whether it’s overnight or within a few days, the service is tailored to your schedule. NOTE: When it comes to large items and the location it might be impossible for us to get it over there same day. But we can certainly try.

Specialized Shipping:

Specialized Shipping, often referred to as “white-glove” services, is a bespoke solution catering to the safe transportation of valuable or delicate items that demand extraordinary care and attention. This premium service is tailored for those who possess items of significant worth, whether monetarily or sentimentally, and understand the necessity of investing in their protection during transit.. Here’s how it works:

  1. Dedicated Handling: Specialized shipping involves dedicated professionals trained in handling delicate and valuable items. They possess the expertise to ensure the safe transit of your possessions from start to finish.
  2. Customized Packaging: Items subject to specialized shipping are meticulously packed using high-quality materials and techniques tailored to their unique requirements. This ensures maximum protection during transit. These are additional expenses AKA specializes in to ensure safe transport.
  3. Climate Control: For items sensitive to environmental conditions, such as fine art or antiques, climate-controlled transportation may be employed to maintain a stable environment, shielding them from temperature and humidity fluctuations. These are additional expenses and part of AKA’s White glove Service.
  4. Secure Loading and Unloading: Specialized shipping includes secure loading and unloading processes, minimizing the risk of damage during these critical phases. This often involves using specialized equipment and techniques. AKA works to load everything properly and utilizes its large logistic network to help with your offloading depending on where it may be.
  5. Documentation and Tracking: Meticulous documentation and tracking procedures are in place to monitor the status and location of your items throughout the journey, providing peace of mind. The documentation starts with loading the items and is giving to you along with tracking during your shipment during transit.
  6. Insurance Options: Due to the high value of items being transported, specialized shipping often offers comprehensive insurance coverage tailored to the specific needs of these valuable possessions. This AKA can help you with but depending on what is being transported it might use 3rd party insurance providers.

When you want to specialized shipment AKA Moving has the logistic channels you need to get it done with its experience tailored in White Glove Services. These services encompass every aspect of the move, including disassembly, packing, loading, transportation, unloading, Installation and packing removal. While it may involve a higher price tag, the peace that your valuable items will arrive unscathed make it a prudent choice for those who prioritize the safety of their belongings during transportation.

Freight Shipping:

Freight shipping is a logistics service that specializes in the transportation of goods, commodities, and cargo. it is a Cost-Effective and Efficient Solution that involves trucks, ships, or airplanes depending on the destination. AKA Moving cost efficient methods with freight shipping has a track success that is unmatched. We specialize in making sure all your items are safe and secure through custom crating, wrapping and packing everything and preparing all your furniture to be able to safely travel the miles and relocate you fast and efficiently even in the united states. We are cheaper then the international van lines and we create an inventory and track your move daily and give you updates.

Competitive Pricing: Freight Shipping offers competitive pricing that’s often more budget-friendly compared to other options like international van lines. AKA Moving cost efficient methods within freight and track success of nothing breaking is unmatched. We specialize in making sure all your items are safe and secure and track the freight daily with updates. Trust AKA Moving team of freight shippers and custom crating to get your items safely to your new location

Tailored Solutions: While traditional Freight Shipping may not offer the comprehensive support of full-service movers, AKA Moving has revolutionized the concept of freight shipping, granting you the flexibility to enjoy a budget-friendly full-service moving experience.

Self-Management: Taking charge of your shipment means you can ensure that your items are packed securely and labeled accurately. While this does require a degree of self-management, it also empowers you to oversee the protection of your valuable possessions.

Cost Transparency: Freight Shipping costs are determined by several key factors:

  1. Freight Class: Items are categorized based on the different classification of how fragile an item is to ship though freight. Since Freight can be quite rough it is essential to be able to know how to handle each items to be able to ship freight.
  2. Weight: The total weight of you’re items can determine different pricing even if you have less stuff but of higher weight.
  3. Dimensions: The size and dimensions of your items are all considered because prices can sky rocket on awkward shaped items.
  4. Distance: The distance your shipment needs to travel plays a role in determining the cost.
  5. Additional Services: If you require specialized services like lift-gate assistance to drop-off of your items to your new house. some items can be additionally charged when using the lift gate to drop your items due to it being heavy or over-sized and is not safe for someone to drop off the truck.

In conclusion, AKA Moving Freight Shipping methods stands as a cost-effective and flexible method for transporting your belongings. It empowers you to manage your move according to your preferences while maintaining cost transparency. With competitive pricing and customizable options, it’s an attractive solution for those who value efficiency and budget-consciousness in their shipping endeavors.

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Hidden Costs to Look Out for from other moving companies

the Moving Process:

  1. Stairs & elevators: Climbing stairs or dealing with elevators may incur additional charges. Ensure you’re aware of these potential surcharges when moving your household across long distances.
  2. Packing supplies: Don’t assume that packing supplies and materials are part of the package. Inquire about these expenses upfront to avoid surprises.
  3. Long Carry Fees: Additional charges if the movers have to carry your belongings a significant distance from your home to the truck
  4. Overloaded Boxes: Fees if your packed boxes exceed weight limits set by the moving company, as this can pose safety concerns.

The Transport process:

  1. Route Restrictions: Some routes may have tolls or road fees that can significantly add to your moving expenses. Research the route you’ll be taking and budget accordingly.
  2. Fuel Surcharge: Keep an eye out for fuel surcharges that some long-distance movers may impose, especially if fuel prices fluctuate during your journey.
  3. Insurance: Insurance coverage for your belongings may not actually be worth anything. Make sure you understand exactly how much money you will be receiving for a lost or broken item.

The Storage Process:

  1. Storage Fees: Long-term or interim storage can come at an additional costs. Be prepared for storage fees if your move involves any delay or temporary warehousing. Delays such as unable to get a hold of you, Delivery time is not to your liking and other small factors for that warehouse to collect money during your goods interim.
  2. Inventory Management: Efficiently managing your items within the warehouse incurs expenses, from tracking and labeling to ensuring the security and condition of your possessions. Make sure to ask about these expenses while your belongings are in interim.
  3. Handling and Transportation: The process of moving your items in and out of the warehouse, as well as any transportation between warehouses, can incur additional handling and logistics costs.
  4. Access Charges: Gaining access to your items in storage may not always be easy. Some facilities charge for retrieval or access to your belongings, adding an extra layer of cost.

At AKA Moving we do not have those hidden costs and are up front about everything. Please do not hesitate to get a free quote from us today.

Reducing Hidden Costs: Tips for a Smooth and Affordable Relocation

AKA Moving takes pride in its transparent pricing and commitment to providing affordable and efficient relocation services. How Much Does It Cost to Move? Most moving companies work off an hourly cost so it varies depending on how much the movers have to do when they are at your place of residency. By following these steps and partnering with AKA Moving, you can ensure a streamlined and cost-effective move with no hidden expenses.

Step 1: Declutter and Downsize

  1. Before the move, thoroughly declutter your home. Donate or sell items you no longer need or use. AKA Moving is committed to transparent pricing, so you won’t be charged for moving unnecessary items, helping you save on costs.

Step 2: Efficient Packing

  1. Pack your belongings efficiently by using the correct boxes, such as wardrobe boxes for your clothing, boxes which are durable and appropriate size for your belongings. AKA Moving emphasizes cost-effective moves, and efficient packing can help save time and effort for long distance moving.

Step 3: Disassemble Furniture

  1. Whenever possible, disassemble large furniture items before the move. By disassembling your furniture and large objects it makes it easier to prepare and ship towards your new destination.

Step 4: Prepare Appliances

  1. Ensure appliances are disconnected, cleaned and washer is emptied so that it is light for the movers and easily able to wrap and ship without worry of water damage.

Step 5: Create a Floor Plan

  1. Develop a floor plan for your new home and share it with the movers. AKA Moving’s transparent approach ensures that your items are placed where you want them, reducing the need for rearranging.

Step 6: Reserve Parking

  1. If necessary, reserve parking space for the moving truck. These moving trucks can be very large and unable for other cars to pass on the street. Even worse if the moving truck has to park a block away then you will incur much more fees that are either hidden or increase the time of the move.

Step 7: Maintain Clear Communication

  1. Maintain open communication and be honest in what you have. By adding additional items after the price quote it can make things very confusing and difficult in trying to quote a fair price.

Step 8: Offer Refreshments

  1. Consider offering water and timbits to the moving crew. We expect to be able to drink water especially on hot days and the truck might not always be packed with refreshments as we tend to drink a lot to stay hydrated on hot days.

Step 9: Express Gratitude by a tip

  1. After the move, express your appreciation to the best team in the moving industry by giving a tip. movers are hard working service men who truly value their job and get gratitude by getting tips for doing hard work.

Factors beyond your control that impact your moving costs

Size and Distance of Your Move influences costs

Size of Your Move:

  1. The number of rooms and amount of furniture directly impact costs.
  2. Consider downsizing or selling unnecessary items to reduce both size and cost.


  1. Large or fragile items require special handling, potentially adding to the overall cost.


  1. Long-distance moves typically cost more due to increased mileage and logistics.
  2. Remote or hard-to-access locations may result in higher expenses.
Seasonality and Its Impact on Moving Costs

When Is the Cheapest Time To Hire Movers? The cheapest time to hire movers is during the months there are less moves happening in your area. In Quebec Montreal July 1st is the biggest moving holiday in all of Canada. That day is by far the most expensive day for any person moving. Even U-haul prices are through the roof for people who want to DIY move.


  1. Moving during off-peak seasons often results in cost savings.
  2. Adjust your moving schedule to avoid peak demand periods and take advantage of discounts.
  3. Flexibility with moving dates can lead to additional savings.
  4. Research seasonal price trends to make informed decisions about your move.
Storage and Moving Supplies in Costs

Many people don’t realize that moving companies typically charge for storage and warehousing upon arrival at your new location. To avoid unexpected expenses, it’s crucial to discuss these details with your chosen moving company before starting the process. Additionally, remember that packing materials may not be provided, so if you want to minimize the risk of damage to your belongings, consider hiring the moving company for packing services. While DIY resources like videos and articles can be cost-effective, professional movers have the expertise to handle your items carefully, something often lacking in DIY guides.

Deciding Between Basic Liability and Full Coverage Protection

When it comes to protecting your belongings during a long-distance move, the decision between basic liability coverage and full coverage protection is crucial. Many moving companies offer basic liability coverage, but it’s essential to be aware that some may employ questionable tactics and hidden clauses in their coverage agreements.

In some cases, the fine print of basic liability coverage may not adequately protect your items, leaving you vulnerable to potential losses or damage. To ensure your peace of mind, it’s advisable to consider obtaining your own insurance through your bank or another reputable provider.

By securing your own insurance, you can tailor the coverage to meet your specific needs and safeguard your possessions during the move. This approach eliminates uncertainties and provides you with comprehensive protection, offering greater assurance that your long-distance move will go smoothly without any unexpected setbacks.

Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Moving Costs Low

To keep your moving costs low, it’s essential to start planning your move early. By avoiding last-minute expenses, you can save money and ensure a smoother process. Additionally, researching different moving companies and comparing their prices allows you to find the most cost-effective option. Asking for recommendations from acquaintances can also help you discover affordable movers. Requesting quotes from multiple movers gives you the opportunity to compare prices and negotiate for the best deal. Consider exploring budget-friendly options like DIY moves or value flex services, which can significantly reduce your expenses. By implementing these tips and tricks, you can keep your moving costs as low as possible while still ensuring a successful and efficient relocation.

Starting Early – The Key to Cost-Effective Moving

Starting your moving preparations well in advance is the key to a cost-effective move. By giving yourself ample time, you can avoid rushed decisions and make informed choices. Researching and comparing different moving companies allows you to find the most affordable option that meets your needs. Start decluttering early to reduce the volume of items you’ll be moving, which can help lower overall costs. Booking your moving services early also gives you the opportunity to secure lower rates before prices increase. Additionally, planning your packing schedule in advance helps you avoid any last-minute expenses that may arise. By starting early, you’ll be able to maximize savings and ensure a smoother and more cost-effective long-distance move.

How to Negotiate with Moving Companies?

To negotiate with moving companies, start by getting multiple quotes to compare prices. Ask about available discounts and additional services. Discuss a flexible moving schedule to potentially lower costs. Consider bundling services or selecting a budget-friendly package.

Effective Strategies for Negotiation

When negotiating with moving companies, it is important to be armed with information. Research and gather data on average moving costs in your area to have a benchmark for negotiation. Additionally, highlight any unique circumstances or requirements that may affect the price, such as the need for additional manpower or specialized equipment. During the negotiation process, maintain a polite but firm approach. Emphasize your budget constraints and express your willingness to explore other options if necessary. Request a breakdown of the quote to understand what factors contribute to the cost, including add-on services or any discounts available for military personnel or select locations. By employing these professional techniques, you can maximize your chances of securing the most affordable long-distance moving deal possible.

Is It Cheaper to Buy New Furniture or Move It?

When deciding between buying new furniture or moving your existing pieces, consider the condition and value of your current items. Compare the costs of moving bulky furniture versus purchasing new ones. Don’t forget to factor in sentimental value and explore the option of selling or donating furniture that may not be worth moving. Additionally, calculate the potential costs of buying new furniture, including delivery fees.


To wrap up, moving long distance doesn’t have to break the bank. With careful planning and research, you can find affordable options that suit your budget. Consider factors such as the size of your move, the time of year, and whether you need additional services like packing or storage. Take the time to compare quotes and negotiate with moving companies to get the best possible deal. Additionally, think about whether it’s more cost-effective to move your furniture or buy new items at your destination. By following these tips and tricks, you can make your long-distance move as affordable as possible.

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