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Efficient Heavy Item Moving Services: AKA Moving

Heavy item moving

Moving heavy items can be a daunting task, whether it’s for commercial or industrial relocation. It requires specialized skills and expertise to ensure that everything is transported safely and efficiently. That’s where professional movers come in. AKA Moving’s unparalleled level of expertise in the transportation of heavy commercial objects, industrial equipment, and construction materials is unmatched.

Our team of skilled professionals is trained to handle the most challenging of tasks when it comes to moving heavy commercial and industrial objects. From heavy machinery to delicate equipment, we ensure that each item is transported safely and securely.

We understand the importance of minimizing downtime for your business during a move. That’s why we work efficiently to complete the task at hand without compromising on safety. Our state-of-the-art equipment and techniques make moving heavy objects a breeze.

heavy item movers

Specialized in Heavy Item Equipment for commercial and industrial

AKA Moving stands out as the best because we prioritize utmost efficiency for you. We own equipment that surpasses the standards of other moving companies, which is especially useful for lifting heavy and unique objects. Whether it’s a commercial or industrial move, AKA Moving has you covered with our  24/7 transportation.

Day, Evening & Night Moving Services for Businesses in Canada

Night and evening moving services are an excellent choice for minimizing disruption when it comes to relocating heavy commercial objects. With years of experience in moving these items securely across Canada and beyond, our customer service is the best.

We have high-quality equipment such as: 

  • High quality Moving straps
  • Dolly 
  • Heavy duty hand truck & heavy duty hand truck with pneumatic wheels
  • Hoisting crane
  • Standard moving truck & flatbed truck 


  • Special protective blanket
  • Sturdy plastic bin (ideal for office equipment for example)
  • Durable moving box 
  • Wardrobe box 
  • Other

Customized plan for your commercial move or industrial move

Each heavy item move is customized to meet the specific requirements of each client’s unique needs. This includes a thorough assessment of the size, weight, and fragility of your heavy items. AKA Moving will create a tailored plan that ensures the safety of your equipment during transportation. AKA Moving values open communication. It’s the key throughout the process, and our team will keep you informed every step of the way to ensure that your expectations are met.

Tools to disassemble and assemble  if required

Moving these bulky objects requires careful handling to avoid causing damage to both the devices themselves and the walls en route. There may be a need to partially disassemble some of these larger pieces of equipment to make their transportation easier while ensuring they remain well-protected.

Office Equipment

Moving Heavy commercial objects

AKA Moving often does commercial moves such as offices, stores and restaurants all the time. With AKA Moving, you can rest assured that your valuable equipment is handled with the utmost care and precision, ensuring a successful move without any unexpected damages or delays.

Heavy objects relocation for office

  • Electronics
  • Large-size printer
  • photocopier or 3D printers
  • computer cabinets
  • Safes
  • Other

 (For every standard office move, our sturdy plastic bins are ideal for packing up office supplies to standard equipment such as computers or printers.)

Heavy objects relocation for store or retail store

AKA Moving’s specialized equipment and expertise can handle such items with ease. We also offer large wardrobe boxes for any clothes to protect during the move.

  • Display cabinet
  • Counters for retail purposes
  • Shelf
  • Other

Heavy objects relocation for restaurant

Restaurant-grade machinery can be extremely heavy and bulky, but our team at AKA Moving is equipped to handle these situations with ease.

  • Industrial kitchen equipment
  • Massive stove, industrial oven
  • Fryer
  • Enormous cooking pots and grills
  • Refrigerator
  • Freezers
  • Other
Commerical Kitchen

Commercial Refrigeration Systems

If your business relies on commercial refrigeration systems, we understand the importance of their safe and timely relocation.

  • heavy walk-in freezers
  • industrial refrigerators
  • cooling units
  • Other
  • We take utmost care to preserve the integrity of your refrigeration systems during transit and set them up efficiently at the new site.
Large refrigerators

Moving heavy industrial objects

AKA Moving also specializes in handling heavy objects for other commercial purposes. This can include machinery for factories or warehouses such as industrial rollers, assembly lines or large manufacturing equipment. 

We offer services to disassemble, pack, relocate, and reassemble production line components such as conveyors, assembly stations, and robotic systems. Our goal is to minimize disruptions to your operations while ensuring that all components are efficiently reinstalled and aligned at the new facility.

AKA Moving has experience in transporting heavy and bulky industrial machines such as generators, compressors, presses and CNC machines. We understand the importance of ensuring that the machinery is well-secured during transportation to avoid any damage or delays. Trust us to handle your valuable industrial equipment with care.

Here are some examples of the heavy industrial objects that we can expertly move for your business:

Large Machinery:

We have extensive experience in moving large machinery.Our team follows strict safety protocols and utilizes specialized tools to ensure a secure and smooth relocation of your valuable machinery.

  • Industrial-grade printing presses
  • CNC machines
  • manufacturing equipment
  • Other
Industrial Machinery

Generators and Transformers:

When it comes to moving heavy generators and transformers, precision and careful handling are paramount.

Industrial Boilers:

Relocating industrial boilers requires a high level of expertise and knowledge. Our team understands the intricacies involved in moving these heavy and sensitive systems. We employ industry best practices to dismantle, pack, transport, and reassemble your industrial boilers, minimizing downtime and ensuring their optimal functionality.

Oversized Equipment:

Whether it’s a massive industrial furnace, a gigantic storage tank, or any other oversized equipment, we have the expertise to handle their relocation. Our team is skilled in assessing the unique requirements of each object, devising appropriate moving strategies, and executing the process meticulously.

Production Line Components:

Moving an entire production line requires intricate planning and execution. Our professionals are experienced in disassembling, packing, and relocating production line components, such as conveyors, assembly stations, robotic systems, and more. We ensure minimal disruption to your operations by efficiently reinstalling and aligning the components at the new facility.

Moving Construction Materials Service

Transporting heavy construction materials safely requires expert movers. Evenly distributing weight and securing with straps prevents shifting during long-distance relocation. Expert staff adeptly maneuver bulky objects within constrained areas, guaranteeing maximum safeguarding of possessions such as construction materials.

Construction Material

We haven’t mentioned your heavy items on our page?

We have done many unique moves in terms of heavy item relocation. We’ve moved embroidery machines to airplane equipment. If you have a business and would like to relocate and wondering if your heavy equipment can be moved, we have the expertise and specialized equipment to do so.

Moving Medical Equipment for Hospitals, Clinics, laboratories, tech companies, etc.

We ensure stress-free transportation of sensitive medical equipment for hospitals and clinics. We assure the utmost protection and peace of mind during long distance relocations such as MRI machines or X-ray systems necessitates proper handling, packing, loading, and unloading. At our new site, we pride ourselves on being specialists in moving heavy and oversized equipment. Our team of experienced professionals is equipped with the skills and tools necessary to carefully assess and execute the relocation process for objects such as industrial furnaces, storage tanks, and more.

We also offer customized solutions to fit your specific needs, ensuring a seamless transition to your new location. Let us take care of the heavy lifting so that you can focus on your core business activities.

Airport equipment

Relocating airport equipment requires specialized knowledge and skill. Our team is well-versed in handling heavy and oversized airport equipment such as baggage conveyors, boarding bridges, and ground support vehicles. We ensure efficient dismantling and reinstallation of equipment, minimizing downtime for your operations. Trust us to move your airport equipment with care and precision to ensure a seamless transition to your new location

Heavy duty moving service for electrical, plumbing and remodeling companies

We are also moving electrical, plumbing and remodeling equipment. For all of your heavy duty moving needs, we will make sure that the move is done professionally and with care.

  • Electrical Panel Moving
  • Commercial water heater moving
  • Compressor relocation
  • Electrical transformer relocation
  • Cast iron calorifier relocation
  • Moving various heavy objects that require a window or balcony
  • Cast iron bathtub

Efficient Logistics Planning for Business Relocation 

Proper logistical planning is vital for a stress-free commercial move that minimizes downtime and disruption. Customized solutions incorporating years of experience in moving machinery with customer service excellence ensure minimal disruption during transportation. Eco-friendly packaging, recycling unwanted items, bubble wrap for fragile items, rigging, and logistics guarantee a safe move

Call us today to inquire if your unique requirements can be met by our highly experienced staff.

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