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AKA Moving, Best Terrebonne Movers: Proven & Affordable

AKA Moving has been serving the Terrebonne, Quebec area for years and has established ourselves as experts in the moving industry as the top company that provides exceptional quality of service. Our customers have given us excellent reviews and have thanked us for the stress-free move. We are known for our affordable and cheap cost as well as for our NO HIDDEN FEES policy. Whether you are moving to Gatineau or Ottawa, Sherbrooke, Trois-Rivieres or another city in the province of Quebec, Ontario or Canada, our team of professional movers will ensure a successful long distance move.

Consider us as your high quality Terrobone movers or your very best Terrebonne moving company!

Not to mention we offer a variety of convenient moving services for you to choose from :

  1. Packing and unpacking services
  2. Disassembly and assembly services (do undo and put together your ikea bed frame or install your tv set or dismantle your washer and dryer,etc.)
  3. Storage (with surveillance and climate control systems)
  4. Junk removal 
  5. Estate cleaning
  6. Last minute moves ( Going to move very soon? call us today for a free quote and book today your move without worry!We have multiple trucks ready to go!)
  7. Experts as well in Long distance moving
  8. Experts in commercial moving
AKA Moving

Safe and Efficient moving saving you time and money as Terrebonne movers and Terrebonne moving company

Our experienced team is dedicated to handling all kinds of belongings, from heavy to fragile items, so you don’t have to risk injury. We pack, lift, carry, and transport your items with care. With our specialized equipment and years of experience, we ensure a fast and hassle-free move.

Last Minute Moves in Terrebonne ? Call AKA Moving,your Terrebonne movers!

We specialize in last-minute moves, ensuring a smooth transition. With our multiple trucks, you can count on our team of professional movers to manage your belongings with the utmost care from start to finish to provide you with a smooth and transparent moving service. Don’t worry! Call us today to get a free quote and book without hassle! We are sure to book you in swiftly! We are your trusted Terrebonne movers or Terrebonne moving company! Professional and competent movers, that’s us.

Call us!

Proven Expertise and Trustworthiness, Google us!

AKA Moving is known for high-quality moving services. Our experienced manpower handles belongings with care, even heavy and fragile items. With customer service, we ensure a stress-free moving process. Choose AKA Moving with reliable Terrebonne movers or Terrebone moving company for your next move.

Filling up the truck efficiently and strategically to protect your precious items:


Avoid the Risks of Cheap and dishonest Moving Companies

When it comes to choosing a moving company, beware of the risks associated with cheap movers. While the low price may seem enticing, these companies often lack the necessary skills and experience to handle your belongings safely. To ensure a secure moving experience, choose AKA Moving with hardworking Terrebonne movers and quality service! We are considered as a Terrebonne moving company.

Stress-Free Residential Moving in Terrebonne with Terrebonne movers!

AKA Moving understands the challenges of residential moving in Terrebonne, Quebec, including the popular suburb of Montreal. With their proven expertise, Terrebonne movers strive to make the process stress-free for you. Let AKA Moving handle the logistics, heavy lifting, and ensure that your belongings are handled with utmost care.

Expert Long-Distance Moving Service across Canada

At AKA Moving, we have done thousands of moves across Canada from Nova-Scotia all the way to Vancouver! We do Ottawa, Kingston, Sherbrooke, Toronto, Winnipeg, Halifax and more! We specializes in efficient and reliable long-distance moves. Let us handle the logistics and coordination of your relocation, ensuring a smooth and timely process.

Communication with you is our priority !

Our logistics are well-organized, and we customize each move to your specific needs. We maintain constant communication with you, ensuring a stress-free experience. Our top priority is regular updates and meticulous planning to ensure a smooth process.

Long Distance

Moving Fragile items is Stress-free with AKA Moving

Trust AKA Moving’s specialized equipment and trained staff for the safe handling of fragile items. Safely transport valuable belongings like antiques and artwork with AKA Moving’s extra precautions, skilled packing and secure transportation.

  1. Glassware
  2. China and Porcelain Dishes
  3. Fine Crystal
  4. Mirrors and Framed Art
  5. Fragile Home Decor
  6. Collectibles (e.g., figurines, ornaments)
  7. Pottery and Ceramic Items
  8. Delicate Lamps and Lampshades
  9. Wine cabinet
  10. Fine Jewelry and Watches
  11. Sensitive Electronics (e.g., flat-screen TVs, computers, gaming consoles, stereos, cameras, smartphones, tablets, and home theater equipment)
  12. Home Appliances with Glass or Sensitive Components (e.g., oven doors, refrigerator shelves)
  13. Musical Instruments (e.g., guitars, violins, brass instruments)
  14. Delicate Fabrics and Clothing
  15. Fragile Children’s Toys
  16. Fragile Books, including Rare or Antique Books
  17. Fragile Plants and Potted Flowers
  18. Fine China Tea Sets and Tea Cups
  19. Decorative Vases and Pottery
  20. Fragile Holiday Decorations (e.g., glass ornaments, delicate figurines)

Moving Heavy items is Stress-free with AKA Moving

Moving all kinds of heavy items is our specialty, may it be residential or commercial!

Residential Items:

  1. Furniture
  2. Appliances
  3. Piano moving services
  4. Safes
  5. Hot Tub moving services
  6. Pool Table moving services
  7. Fitness Equipment
  8. Large Electronics
  9. Statues and Sculptures
  10. Heavy Boxes and Containers
  11. Gym Equipment
  12. Vehicles and Motorcycles
  13. Large Home Decor
  14. Antique Furniture and Clocks
  15. Garden Statues and Outdoor Furniture
  16. Large Aquariums and Fish Tanks

Additional Services Offered by AKA Moving

Save time and effort with AKA Moving’s packing and unpacking services. We also offer disassembly and assembly services for furniture and appliances.

Packing and Unpacking Services

AKA Moving’s professional packers ensure the secure and efficient packing of your belongings. Save time and reduce stress with their expert unpacking services. Using high-quality packing materials, they protect your items during transit.

Disassembly and Assembly Services

AKA Moving’s skilled movers are experienced in handling the disassembly and assembly of furniture and appliances, ensuring a hassle-free move. Avoid the headache of deciphering complex assembly instructions with our assistance.

Disassembly and Assembly Services


AKA Moving provides secure storage facilities for your belongings during transit or while waiting for your new home. Camera surveillance 24/7 and climate controlled storage units ensure the safety and protection of your items.


Commercial moving is also our specialty

At AKA Moving, we excel in commercial moving because of our extensive expertise and meticulous planning. Our team has a deep understanding of the unique challenges that come with relocating businesses, including sensitive equipment, valuable assets, and time-sensitive schedules.

We prioritize careful coordination and clear communication to ensure a seamless transition, making us the professionals of choice for businesses on the move.

Commercial Items:

  1. Industrial Machinery
  2. Commercial Refrigeration Units
  3. Restaurant Equipment (e.g., commercial ovens, freezers)
  4. Office Furniture and Equipment
  5. Workshop Machinery
  6. Industrial Shelving and Racking Systems
  7. Retail Store Fixtures and Displays 
  8. Vintage Coin-Operated Machines (e.g., arcade games, vending machines)
Easy with AKA Moving

Terrebonne movers and Terrebonne moving company, Quebec Montreal

Terrebonne, Quebec, is a vibrant and welcoming community, and AKA Moving is proud to be a part of this great area. As Terrebonne movers, we have a deep understanding of the unique aspects of the region and its residents’ needs when it comes to moving. Our experience as a Terrebonne moving company has allowed us to truly appreciate what makes this place special.

As Terrebonne movers, we understand that Terrebonne, Quebec, is a fantastic place, and AKA Moving is proud to be part of this community as Terrebonne movers. AKA Moving has been serving Terrebonne and the surrounding areas for years, establishing itself as a reputable Terrebonne moving company. We take pride in being Terrebonne movers.

Choose AKA Moving with dedicated Terrebonne workers for your next move. If you’re looking for a Terrebonne moving company, you won’t be disappointed.

Who are Terrebonne movers and what services do they offer?

AKA Moving with Terrebonne movers is a professional moving company that offers a wide range of services to help individuals and businesses relocate. Their services include packing and unpacking, loading and unloading, transportation, storage options, and even specialty services like piano moving or furniture assembly.

Popular moves in Terrebonne:

move from Terrebonne to Trois-Rivières

move from Terrebonne to Rimouski

move from Terrebonne to Sept-Iles

move from Terrebonne to Saguenay

move from Terrebonne to Mont-Tremblant

move from Terrebonne to Toronto

move from Terrebonne to Cornwall

move from Terrebonne to Kitchener

move from Terrebonne to Hamilton

move from Terrebonne to Cape-Breton

move from Terrebonne to Gatineau

move from Terrebonne to Sherbrooke

move from Terrebonne to Val-d’Or

move from Terrebonne to Ottawa

move from Terrebonne to Halifax

Moves that are gaining popularity in Terrebonne:

move from Terrebonne to Quebec City

move from Terrebonne to Rouyn-Noranda

move from Terrebonne to Cap-de-la-Madeleine

move from Terrebonne to Shawinigan

move from Terrebonne to Rivière-du-Loup

move from Terrebonne to Magog

move from Terrebonne to Chester

move from Terrebonne to Niagara Falls

move from Terrebonne to New Glasgow

move from Terrebonne to Sydney

Emerging moves in Terrebonne:

move from Terrebonne to London

move from Terrebonne to Lunenburg

move from Terrebonne to Saint-John

move from Terrebonne to Dieppe

move from Terrebonne to Bathurst

move from Terrebonne to Winnipeg

move from Terrebonne to Dauphin

move from Terrebonne to Brandon

move from Terrebonne to Edmundston


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